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Staff Members
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Staff Members

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Staff Directory

Staff Position Email
Ms. Dobbs Principal (Instruction)
Ms. Brown Vice-Principal
Ms. Ayala Vice-Principal
Ms. Ventura Guidance Councelor
Ms. Harris Administrative Assistant
Ms. Weaver Administrative Assistant
Mr. Jones Teacher Coordinator
Mr. Colli Technology
Ms. Turner Kindergarten
Ms. Gajadhar Kindergarten
Ms. Welnitz Kindergarten
Ms. Johnson Grade 1
Ms. Dietz Grade 1
Ms. Hernandez Grade 1
Ms. Anderson Grade 2
Ms. Mesidor Grade 2
Ms. Silverio Grade 2
Ms. Kennedy Grade 3
Mr. Mejia Grade 3
Mr. Butcher Grade 3
Ms. Kmiecinski Grade 4
Ms. Dionisio Grade 4
Ms. Holmes Grade 4
Mr. Wilhemson Grade 4
Ms. Deleon-Smith Grade 5
Ms. Jones Grade 5
Ms. Staples Grade 5
Ms. Queen Grade 6
Mr. Francois Grade 7
Ms. Cassini Grade 7
Ms. Benicaso Grade 8
Ms. Hoffman Grade 8
Mr. Haddad Science
Mr. Tomasheski Social Studies
Ms. Lupo Special Ed Autism
Ms. Foy Special Ed Autism
Ms. Vitiello Special Ed Autism
Ms. Dinis Special Ed Autism
Ms. Wellins

Climate and Culture
Mr. Verace Data Mentor
Ms. Obelle Nurse
Ms. Noble School Psychologist
Ms. Smith Student Coordinator
Ms. Bell Speech
Ms. Green Art
Mr. Quince Music
Ms. Jackson Dance
Mr. Culhane Physical Education
Ms. Maier Physical Education